Catalysis is one of the most crucial fields, such as alkylation reaction1, alkane aromatization and dehydrogenation2-4, bio-oil upgrading5-8, sugar utilization and ethanol conversion9. Hence, to achieve these potential reactions, the synthesis of catalysts is one of the most challenging researches. Regarding to mass/heat transportation limitation of conventional zeolites, we are focusing on the design of hierarchical zeolites, which compose of micropores and mesopores or/and macropores to facilitate to increase the selectivity of desired products and prevent catalyst deactivation. Therefore, we are developing various types of hierarchical zeolites such as Faujasite (FAU)1, 5-7, ZSM-5 (MFI)2-4, 8-9and Ferrierite (FER) nanosheets10. In addition, we are not only focusing on the monofunctional catalyst to utilize in the reactions, but we are also focusing on the development of hybrid catalysts. It is undeniable that there are a large number of crucial chemicals, which can be produced using at least two types of active sites, for example, Brønsted acid/Lewis acid sites and acid/basic sites. From these perspectives, we are developing metals modified zeolites and also zeolite-based hybrid catalysts, such as zeolite@Metal-organic Frameworks (MOFs) composite7, zeolite@zeolite composites and porous silica/alumina composites for achieving the reactions.


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