Congratulations to Assoc. Prof. Dr. Chularat Wattanakit, who has been awarded
“VISTEC Rising star Award 2022” from 8th Anniversary of VISTEC

For 8 years,
She has obtained high quality and high impact discoveries, published in the journals including,
-Chemical Communications 6
-Nature Communications 4
-Inorganic Chemistry 2
-Chemical Science 1
-Journal of the American Chemical Society 1

Besides, she received several Outstanding research awards and grants :
-Thailand young Scientist Award
-L'Oreal for Woman in Science
-Toray Sciences and Technology Award
-CST Distinguished Young Chemist Award
-Outstanding research award, NRCT
-CSJ Distinguished Lectureship award
-Selected for the list of 100 Asia's most outstanding researchers
-Wiley-CST Award for Contribution to Green Chemistry
-US. Research Grant (Aerospace Research and Development (AOARD))
-Research Grant for New Scholar, TRF
-Mid-Career Research Grant, NRCT
-Grant for Pilot Plant for Ethylene Production, ENCON
-Frontier Research Seed Fund, PMU-B (NXPO)



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