Our research topic concerns the development of smart materials allowing a highly selective production and separation of chiral compounds.
We have been pioneering the development of chiral imprinted metals which can be used for the synthesis or separation of chiral molecules, in order to obtain products with a very high chiral purity. We started our collaborative research by developing porous platinum surfaces exhibiting outstanding chiral features. Once prepared, they have been used to induce reduction reactions leading to an enantiomeric excess of above 90%.
Furthermore, our Franco-Thai research team has managed to extend the concept of chiral imprinting to alloys (Pt-Ir) and non-noble metals such as nickel, displaying similar or even better chiral features. We employ these porous metals to synthesize chiral molecules using both electrochemical and chemical techniques.
In addition, the collaboration has also allowed proposing strategies using these smart materials to separate chiral compounds and isomers. Besides these quite fundamental aspects, we have also managed to synthesize real pharmaceutical compounds using these designer materials. We expect that this research might play in the future an important role in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries for the production of chiral molecules with high purity.
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